Gifting ideas for a Communications Specialist

By Loraima Tolentino

If there is someone in your list that doesn’t let their phone off their hand, writes press releases, coordinates events, emails on a daily basis, still reads the newspaper, creates presentations, deals with budgets, survives on deadlines and drinks coffee to start the day, we might be talking about a Communications Specialist.

If that’s so, we have a full list of gift ideas they will love, and we know because our own team picked them!

1.Uber Gift Card uber_gift_card_render

Needless to say we are always on the move, an Uber gift card is not only a thoughtful gift, it’s also very useful!

2. Pens img_6389

Who doesn’t love smooth pens?  Especially if they are in colors and are fun!

 3. Fidgeting Tool fidget-cube-antsy-labs-17

An unusually addicting, high quality desk toy designed to help you focus and relieve some stress.

4. Planner 86debe70b193125c48b01f25253ae593

A planner is a MUST for most Communications Specialist. Daily, Weekly or Monthly helps organize meetings, events and deadlines. Be it a digital app planner or a paper one, it’s great gift that will be put to use.

5. Coffee Maker “On The Go” wacaco-minipresso-expresso-on-the-go

Communication Specialist Rank #2 according to a study Dunkin Donuts and Business Insider made last year. This coffee makers on the go is a dream come true.

6. Stationary 12-pieces-lot-font-b-notepads-b-font-heart-font-b-shape-b-font-memo For all the important things we might forget, post it and other stationary are a necessity in our desks.

7. Ipad with Keyboard brydgemini-800x418

The laptop can get heavy to carry around, (even though it’s something we just have to take) and an Ipad or Tablet with a keyboard is a great gift for us. You can take it anywhere and work on your to dos.

8. Spa and/or Beauty Moment


Our work can be stressful sometimes; a massage or spa becomes transportation to heaven. Also, hair/face masks or any new make up item will do it.

9. Portable Charger


Communications Specialist are always on the go, whether it be at meetings or events, an external battery is a must!

10. Stash for the home bar wine-bottle-labels

Because, who doesn’t want wine or a good cocktail at the end of a long day?

Do you think you can guess who on our team picked what?

Share your guess in the comment section!

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