What does it take to be a #Boss in the PR Industry? | Maybelline #LashLikeABoss

Maybelline is known for being a brand that highlights the independence of women and, at all times, wants to give them their own voice so that they can express themselves through makeup. With that in mind, Maybelline launched its new Big Shot mascara with the message #LashLikeABoss, where it calls for women and men to have the most bossy eyelashes (and attitude) ever. In the spirit of new launches and being real bosses at our job, we’ve decided to get the message across and ask our fabulous executives what makes them a true #Boss in this wonderful industry.

Alex: I Make IT Happen by leveraging local initiatives that can reach masses. These initiatives can incorporate influencers and bloggers to communicate our message and/or integrate our spokespersons in events where we can educate in mass. Clients want to reach their target audience in a cost-effective and fun way. It’s about surfing the web, keeping in touch with the trends and maximizing every opportunity. Do your research and understand no idea is crazy when thinking outside the box. If it’s the right target, people can engage with the brand and if it’s well executed, you’re in for the WIN!

Adriana: What makes me a boss in the PR Industry is that I make the impossible possible. I am a magician, therapist, writer, designer and whatever the job requires. Also, I’ve grown to know my brands, and in the process, I’ve deeply fallen in love with them.  ♥

Paulina: I like to think of myself as a shapeshifter; I transform into many different roles like Social Media Manager, Graphic Designer, Account Executive, and Model allowing me to battle any type of task headed my way.

Gabi: After some years in the PR field, I’ve come to the realization that what makes you a Boss in this industry is the ability for one to stay current and on trend with new and ever-changing consumer behaviors and tools that arise. They can be either technological changes and/or sociological changes that affect the market. As a “BOSS in the Making”, I make it a priority to stay current on all the changes happening around us and not just about the market and industry that I work in, this makes it possible that in every experience we create, the brand is not a stale and unrelatable entity, instead I pride myself in creating experiences that stay with the consumer well after that direct interaction with the brand is done.

Vivian: What makes me a boss is my ability to achieve insane strategic planning in minimum time. Also, I take the time to know our journalist, colleagues and their specific interests which transforms in long-term, amazing relationships.

Kiara: Having the opportunity to use my job as a creative outlet makes me a boss.  I get to express and share my very own ideas and see them transform into marvelous projects that make me feel like a true #GirlBoss every day.

Loraima: Being able to shift from PR, Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager, Marketing pro and miracle worker all before my morning coffee.

Enio: I’m a “boss” because I know how to create a strong relationship with local media beyond the email interaction by keeping a responsible and respectful engagement always. Also, I always try to let them know that I’m an information facilitator and that if they need something in particular I will try my best to deliver it in a timely manner. Showing interest helps create a good work relationship.


  • Hola, soy makeup art 8 y beauty blogger hace 4, soy de Puerto Rico, llevo vieviendo en fl hace 4 años me encantaría asistir a alguno de sus enventos que se realicen en fl o cerca!! Les deceo exito siempre! Y siempre apoyando lo de mi Isla amada!! Dlb


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